What to do in Bilbao

Not everything is pintxos in Bilbao. There is also music and good music. Old buildings converted into afterhours, glass areas that open until dawn, and the best, all near our bcool_bilbao. What are you waiting to book in our coolest hostel?

It is clear. You are interested, and much, to know what to do at night in Bilbao. So our team of bcoolers has set out to explore the essential places to start, and finish, the night. All of them others near our bcool_bilbao, the coolest hostel in the city, in the neighborhood of Bilbao La Vieja. Aim and … get ready for the best!

Bilborock. It is an old church converted into a concert and events room. They also organize theater, dance or cinema activities. You will love this space, so if it suits you, do not forget to visit it. It is also next to the hostel (photo via Bilbao Gazte).

Bar Marzana 16 is a benchmark of the neighborhood. 5 minutes from the hostel is located next to the estuary, in front of Mercado de la Ribera. Ideal to start the afternoon taking a wine or a beer. Their sandwiches are great. They have a great terrace overlooking the estuary. If you are lucky and you get a site, it will be hard for you to leave.


The Badulake, next to the hostel, is a theater-bar environment where there are usually live performances. They play current music with songs from the eighties but always very danceable and fun. They open until quite late.

Afterhours in Bilbao

The Shake! It is the perfect place to listen to good music. Do not expect popular music, here you dance to the rhythm of rock, soul, indie funk, pop and even disco. There is also live music and they close at six. Come and close the night in a great atmosphere. The best? Only ten minutes from our hostel. (photo via Shake!).

The Kafe Antzoki is an old theater in which good concerts are held, both national and international groups. On weekends the place becomes the ideal place to end up having a few drinks. The music very varied and good atmosphere. A classic from Bilbao.

Peso Neto, a bar that has always been converted into a snack bar and tasting menus where you can also have cocktails and cocktails. Definitely a good place to dine and have the first drink.

Five minutes away is the fantastic Bihotz Café where they have a great craft beer both international and native. The sandwiches are their specialty and the pies … very good. Come on, the perfect place to snack before the party begins. And if you’ve been wanting more questions to our team of bcoolers, they will give you more clues about the places to visit, and also, what to do in Bilbao at night … until sunrise.